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Graduate Courses for Teachers and Administrators

Note: The courses listed below are a subset of courses that are being recommended to Teachers and Administrators.
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Department Legend
EDCI = Curriculum and Instruction
EDPS = Educational Psychology
EDST = Educational Studies

19 Courses Found.
DeptNumberCourse NameCourse FlyerSemesterYearDayTimeNoteProf NameProf Email
EDCI53500Teaching and Learning Algebra and FunctionsSummer2017Online courseArr hrs6/12 - 7/7J. Newtonjanewton@purdue.edu
EDCI55400Production of Instructional MaterialsSummer2017TTh900 - 2505/15 - 6/9V. Walkervllowell@purdue.edu
EDCI56000Educational Technology for Teaching and LearningCourse FlyerSummer2017M-F800 - 520Two opportunities -- 6/5-6/9 or 7/10-7/14T. Newbynewby@purdue.edu
EDCI58500Multicultural EducationSummer2017TWTh130 - 5205/15 - 6/9STAFF 
EDCI59100Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse StudentsSummer2017Online courseArr hrs7/10 - 8/4W. Wrightwrigh290@purdue.edu
EDCI59100Technology for Qualitative ResearchSummer2017M-F230 - 5156/12 - 8/1W. Wrightwrigh290@purdue.edu
EDCI61500Qualitative Research Methods in EducationSummer2017MTWTh900 - 11505/15 - 6/9N. Dolbyndolby@purdue.edu
EDCI61600Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in EducationSummer2017TWTh1230 - 4205/15 - 6/9K. Obenchainkobench@purdue.edu
EDCI62700Problem-Based Learning in the Math/Science ClassroomSummer2017M-F900 - 3306/26 - 7/7J. Lehmanlehman@purdue.edu
EDCI65200Seminar In Family And Consumer Sciences EducationSummer2017Online courseArr hrs5/15 - 6/9C. Werhancwerhan@purdue.edu
EDPS53300Introduction to Educational Research I: MethodologySummer2017OnlineArr Hrs D. Searsdsears@purdue.edu
EDPS59100Career Assessment PracticumSummer2017TTH4:30-6:00 PM E. Deemeredeemer@purdue.edu
EDPS59100Critical Issues in CounselingSummer2017OnlineArr Hrs P. Bowersbowersp@purdue.edu
EDPS62400Advanced Off-Site Counseling Practicum and Supervision TheorySummer2017M5:30-8:20 PM STAFF 
EDPS63600Item Response TheorySummer2017MTWRF3:20-5:30 PMM1 wk 1-4A. Traynoratraynor@purdue.edu
EDST59100Seminar in Stem Education Summer2017TWTH8:00-11:50 AM J. Hilljehill@purdue.edu
EDST60900Legal Aspects American of American Education Summer2017OnlineArr Hrs2 Saturdays [6/10 & 7/29/2017] - 12:30-3:20 PMD. Emmert 
EDST61000Supervision of InstructionSummer2017OnlineArr Hrs2 Saturdays [6/10 & 7/29] - 9:00-11:50 AMSTAFF 
EDST61600Analytical Techniques in Educational Management Summer2017OnlineArr Hrs2 Saturdays [6/10 & 7/29] - 9:00-11:50 AMJ. Freelandfreeland@purdue.edu

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