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Graduate Courses for Teachers and Administrators
Note: The courses listed below are a subset of courses that are being recommended to Teachers and Administrators. If you are looking for a list of all summer courses offered, please navigate to this page:
Department Legend
EDCI = Curriculum and Instruction
EDPS = Educational Psychology
EDST = Educational Studies
            41 Course Offerings Found.
DeptNumberCourse NameCourse FlyerSemesterYearDayTimeNoteProf NameProf Email
EDCI50000Foundations of LiteracyFall2017M130-420 PM A. Gaesseragaesse@purdue.edu
EDCI50600Environmental EducationFall2017M230 - 520 D. Shepardsondshep@purdue.edu
EDCI50900Writing in Middle and Secondary SchoolsCourse FlyerFall2017T430 - 720 C. Knoellerknoeller@purdue.edu
EDCI51000Colloquium in Science and Mathematics EducationFall2017W430 - 520 R. Taskerrtasker@purdue.edu
EDCI51700Survey of Science EducationFall2017W430 - 720 B. Capobiancobcapo@purdue.edu
EDCI52600Language Study for EducatorsFall2017Online CourseArr Hrs 10/18 - 12/9 STAFF 
EDCI53000English Language DevelopmentFall2017Online courseArr hrs 8/21 - 10/17 STAFF 
EDCI54900Assessment in Mathematics EducationFall2017Online courseArr hrs L. Bofferdinglbofferd@purdue.edu
EDCI57200Introduction to Learning Systems DesignFall2017Th230 - 520Non-LDT students welcome. Contact instructor for more information.J. Lewandowskilewandow0@purdue.edu
EDCI58000Foundations of CurriculumFall2017W530 - 820 S. Jake Burdickburdics@purdue.edu
EDCI58500Multicultural EducationFall2017M430 - 720 J. Phillionphillion@purdue.edu
EDCI58900College Teaching WorkshopsFall2017T1030 - 1145 STAFF 
EDCI59000Methods Integrated STEM EdFall2017T600 - 850 M. Ryumryu@purdue.edu
EDCI59100Introduction to Teaching Engineering & Technology in the Context of Integrated STEMCourse FlyerFall2017Th530 - 820Co-taught by M MenekseP. Asundapasunda@purdue.edu
EDCI59100Online Teaching and LearningFall2017W1130 - 120 J. Richardsonjennrich@purdue.edu
EDCI59100Teachers As LeadersFall2017Online courseArr hrs 10/18 - 12/9 T. Morita-Mullaneytmoritam@purdue.edu
EDCI59100Unpacking Research: Writing Research ProposalsFall2017Th130 - 220There is also an independent study component to this course.J. Richardsonjennrich@purdue.edu
EDCI61200Bilingualism & MultilingualismFall2017W530 - 820 W. Wrightwrigh290@purdue.edu
EDCI61500Qualitative Research Methods in EducationFall2017T530 - 820 S. Zywickiszywicki@purdue.edu
EDCI61600Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in EducationFall2017T530 - 820 S. Jake Burdickburdics@purdue.edu
EDCI62700Educational Software DesignFall2017M530 - 820 M. Extermexter@purdue.edu
EDCI62700Publishing In LDTCourse FlyerFall2017T130 - 420 S. Watsonwatson82@purdue.edu
EDCI63500Content and Goals in Mathematics EducationFall2017T530 - 820 J. Newtonjanewton@purdue.edu
EDCI65000Program Evaluation In Career And Technical EducationFall2017W600 - 850 J. Greenanjgreenan@purdue.edu
EDCI65300Seminar in Career & Technical EducationFall2017f1200 - 1250 J. Greenanjgreenan@purdue.edu
EDCI66000Learning Design and Technology SeminarFall2017Th1230 - 120Non-LDT students welcome. Contact instructor for more information.M. Extermexter@purdue.edu
EDCI66400Learning Environment DesignFall2017R430-720 PM Y. Xinyxin@purdue.edu
EDCI67200Advanced Practices in Learning Systems DesignFall2017F130 - 420 A. Koehler-Blairakoehler@purdue.edu
EDCI67500Instructional StrategiesFall2017M130 - 420 S. Watsonwatson82@purdue.edu
EDCI68400Education, Culture, Community & ChangeCourse FlyerFall2017M530 - 820 N. Dolbyndolby@purdue.edu
EDCI68400Global Perspectives In P-20 EducationFall2017Th530 - 820 K. Obenchainkobench@purdue.edu
EDPS50500Career Theory and Information [EDPSY Post]Fall2017R530-820 PM A. Blakeballan@purdue.edu
EDPS53000Advanced Educational Psychology [EDPSY Post]Fall2017T430-720 PM H. Patrickhpatrick@purdue.edu
EDPS53300Introduction to Educational Research I: MethodologyFall2017W530-720 PM Y. Mantzicopoulosmantzi@purdue.edu
EDPS53300Introduction to Educational Research I: MethodologyFall2017W130-420 PM D. Searsdsears@purdue.edu
EDPS54000Gifted, Creative and Talented Children [EDPSY Post]Fall2017R530-820 PM N. Pereiranpereira@purdue.edu
EDPS54200Curriculum and Program Development in Gifted Education [EDPSY Post]Fall2017OnlineOnline K. Sewardkseward@purdue.edu
EDPS59100MMMixed Method Res Designs & App [EDPSY Post]Fall2017W130-420 PM A. Blakeballan@purdue.edu
EDPS65300Collaborative Learning [Post]Fall2017T130-420 PM T. Rogattrogat@purdue.edu
EDST51400Economics of Education [Post]Fall2017OnlineOnlineSaturdays [on campus attendence] on 8-9-2017 & 10-14-2017J. Hilljehill@purdue.edu
EDST51600School Community Relations [Post]Fall2017OnlineOnlineSaturdays [on campus attendance] on 10/14/2017 at 100-350 PM and 12/09/2017 at 900-1150 AMA. Johnsonalicejohnson@purdue.edu

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