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Technical Skills Interviews for Hiring Supervisors

The Education IT team offers a service to hiring supervisors that we call "Tech Skills Interviews".

This essentially means that we conduct a brief 30 minute interview with the hiring supervisor's top 3 or 4 finalist candidates to assess their technology skills. We rate them based on a series of technical questions and then provide the hiring supervisor with a clear and concise candidate summary, along with the questionnaire used in the interview.

We offer this without any strings attached and we support whatever decision the hiring supervisor makes. However, we feel it is important that hiring supervisors be informed about candidate technology skills.

We have been offering this service for many years to help hiring supervisors locate tech savvy candidates, giving the hiring supervisor an additional data point in the hiring process.

If your department, office or area is planning to hire, we encourage you to consider making use of this service to help locate staff with the tech skills needed to be successful in Purdue’s technology rich environment.

To initiate this process, please send email to:

When requesting interviews, please Include the following:

  1. Candidate Name.
  2. Date/Time when the Education IT team should conduct the interview.
  3. A resume if available.

Thank you!

-- Education IT

Provider: Education IT
Provider Detail: This service is provided by the Purdue Education IT Team.
Categories: Employment Services, Consulting & Support
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Date Posted: 5/24/2013 8:17:52 AM (Accession #3)
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