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Office Hours

Each week during the fall and spring semesters, the Education IT team offers online office hours.

What are EdIT Online “Virtual” Office Hours?

EdIT “office hours” is a forum where a member of the EdIT team will field general questions in an online virtual group setting, allowing multiple people to benefit from a Q & A session. You’ll see the EdIT team member as a talking head via their webcam.

Using Adobe Connect, the IT team member can share their computer desktop with the group and demonstrate software and techniques. And since it is web based, you can conveniently call in from anywhere, even from home!

“Office hours” is a chance to talk with a live technology professional about general technology questions. Things like technology trends, general tips and tricks, what to look for when purchasing equipment, etc.

Once you join the session, the IT team member may invite you to call their office telephone number if you have questions that are too complex to type via the live interactive chat. During office hours, only invited telephone calls will be answered by the team member.

So make your list of questions and come join us for EdIT “Virtual” Office Hours!

EdIT “office hours” is not a replacement for in-depth technology consulting and requests. As always, if you have technology requests/problems that need an immediate response, please contact:


Do you have a technology question / thought / idea that’s been keeping you up at night? Want to chat with an IT staff member about it?

Stop by our Online Adobe Connect shared space and meet with one of the Education IT staff members…

Click this URL to connect:

Our regularly scheduled office hours are Wednesdays from 2 PM to 3 PM.

Provider: Education IT
Provider Detail: This service is provided by the Purdue Education IT Team.
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