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Video Post-Processing and Streaming
While the Education IT team does not offer a video "recording" service, we offer faculty and staff a video post-processing service:
  1. The TRC can provide a camcorder and tripod for someone to record an event. Typically someone who is attending the event, such as a graduate student, will set up the camcorder and start it recording... it is a very simple process (just push a button). We can show them how to use the camcorder if needed.
  2. Once a video is recorded, EdIT (Bob Evans) will post-process the video and place it on our streaming video server and provide a link to the video. If you know someone who will be attending the events, please have them contact to schedule to pick up a camcorder and tripod. (Camcorders are also available for checkout in the TRC if you want to go that route.)  Please let us know if the video is public or confidential!

In preparation for recording, here are some thoughts / recommendations:

  1. Place the camcorder/tripod near the middle or back of the room (if it is a small to medium size classroom).
  2. Zoom in so the presenter and the screen can both be seen (not too close, but not too far back so the presenter is tiny and the audio cannot be heard).
  3. Leave the camcorder plugged into the electrical outlet while recording to ensure the battery does not deplete.
  4. Press the record button on the back of the camcorder to start recording, and let it record for the duration of the event.
  5. Please let us know in advance the date/time of an upcoing event, along with the name of the presenter.
  6. Please let us know if the video(s) should be public or restricted to Purdue IP addresses only.

Once the video recording is finished for one or two events and the camcorder is returned to Bob Evans, we will download the video to our EdIT computers (so the camcorder does not fill up) and then we'll give the camcorder back. Once we have the videos we'll post-process them and send links to each video.

For assistance or consulting regarding video recording or editing, please contact:

Provider: Education IT
Provider Detail: This service is provided by the Purdue Education IT Team.
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Date Posted: 5/29/2013 12:10:43 PM (Accession #58)
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