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Printers and Copiers
The Education IT team works with Purdue Procudement Services and the Strategic Sourcing Initiative to provision printers to the College of Education.  Once a printer or copier is purchased, we will work with the vendor to install the hardware and, if applicable, network the device.

Here is an FAQ document describing the overall Purdue Strategic Sourcing initiative for printers/copiers...

Purdue Strategic Printing FAQ from Procurement Services

Purdue Procurement Services is required to review all campus printer/copier purchase requests for justification of need.  Procurement has a form that is used to initiate all new printer/copier requests:

New Printer Questionnaire from Procurement Services
Provider: Education IT & ITaP
Provider Detail: This service is provided jointly by Purdue Education IT and ITaP.
Categories: Hardware & Software Services
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Date Posted: 4/16/2014 2:32:53 PM (Accession #79)
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