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Grant Proposal Pre-Submission Technology Consulting
To aid faculty in the process of writing grant proposals that include a technology component, we have developed a grant proposal pre-submission technology questionnaire. Please consider this document as you begin to prepare your proposal.

It is important to consider how technology will be integrated into a funded project before submitting a grant proposal. Giving advanced thought to technology needs will help ensure that necessary resources exist or can be made to exist for project success. Some resources can be provided by the College of Education. Some resources must be outsourced and funded by the grant. This document will serve as a guide to help principal investigators consider how technology will be used by their research project so they can, if needed, write technology funding into the proposal.
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Provider: Education IT
Provider Detail: This service is provided by the Purdue Education IT Team.
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Date Posted: 5/24/2013 8:51:23 AM (Accession #9)
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