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Title Dept/Area
Çiftçi, Ayse Faculty EDST / COUNSELPSYC
Agnew, Tonya Director of Communication ADMIN / COMM
Alcock, Cheryl Licensing Advisor ACAD / OPPL
Aldridge, Debra S. Assistant to the Dept. Head EDCI / DEPT_EDCI
Allan, Blake Faculty EDST / COUNSELPSYC
Alsup, Janet Faculty EDCI / LIT_LANG
Alsup, Janet Department Head EDCI / DEPT_EDCI
Anderson, Joshua Site Specialist ADMIN / IT
Ankerberg, Christine Director of Advancement ADMIN / ADVANCEMENT
Asher, William Emeritus Faculty EDST
Asunda, Paul Faculty EDCI / TECHED
Auter, James Emeritus Faculty EDST
Avery, Jennifer Licensing Advisor ACAD / OPPL
Ayres, Drew CATALYST Assistant Director EDCI / CATALYST
Ballotti, Dean Continuing Lecturer EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Banes, Julie Secretary EDST / PCGC
Banes, Julie Secretary EDST / SCHLCOUNSEL
Banes, Julie Secretary EDST / COUNSELPSYC
Barce, Jennifer Senior Coordinator ACAD / OFE
Barth, James L. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Bartholomew, Theodore Faculty EDST / COUNSELPSYC
Begeske, Jasmine Clinical Instructor EDST / SPEC_ED
Berns, Margie S. Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Bessenbacher, Ann Project Coordinator ADMIN / ELRC
Beyer, Stacey Business Assistant ADMIN / BUSINESS
Bodner, George Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Boes, Nancy Continuing Lecturer EDCI / LIT_LANG
Bofferding, Laura Faculty EDCI / MATHED
Bolshakova, Virginia Director of Out-of-School Programs,
Indiana GEAR UP Research Assistant Professor
Borst, Alex Manager of Donor and Alumni Relations ADMIN / ADVANCEMENT
Bowers, Hannah Faculty EDST / SCHLCOUNSEL
Brier, Carrie Account Clerk IV ADMIN / BUSINESS
Brinkman, Heather Secretary V ACAD / DEPT_ACAD_TE
Britsch, Susan J. Faculty EDCI / LIT_LANG
Bryan, Lynn Faculty EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Bryan, Lynn Director, CATALYST EDCI / CATALYST
Burdick, Jake Faculty EDCI / CURR_STUD
Burgess, Willie Managing Director ADMIN / ELRC
Burton, Shelley Monthly Payroll and Travel Clerk ADMIN / BUSINESS
Capobianco, Brenda Faculty EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Carducci, Melody Online Specialist EDST / DEPT_EDST
Carleton Parker, Loran Assessment Specialist ADMIN / ELRC
Chiu, Ming Ming Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
Cinowski, Tabitha Program Coordinator EDCI / GEARUP
Cox, Beverly Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Cox, Carol Department Head Secretary EDST / DEPT_EDST
Cox, Gena Secretary EDCI / CATALYST
Cromett, Shawn Education Reporting Business Analyst ADMIN / OSA
Crowder, William W. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Dark, Melissa Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Davis, Nancy Visiting Faculty EDST / SCHLCOUNSEL
Deardorff, Kimberly Secretary for Dr. Werhan EDCI / EWAC
Deardorff, Kimberly Secretary EDCI / MATHED
Deardorff, Kimberly Secretary EDCI / CURR_STUD
Deemer, Eric D. Faculty EDST / COUNSELPSYC
Deshpande, Hrishikesh Administrative Database Programmer ADMIN / IT
Diefes-Dux , Heidi Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Dietz, Kathryn A. Director ACAD / GRADOFFICE
Dimitt, Jane Ann Director ACAD / ADVISING
Dolby, Nadine Faculty EDCI / CURR_STUD
Downing, Brenda Lecturer EDST / EDPSYC
Duval-Couetil, Nathalie Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Dyrenfurth, Michael Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Edwards, Loraine Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Eichinger, David C. Faculty EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Eldridge, W. Michael Coord. Dist. Ed. & User Services ADMIN / IT
Ertmer, Peg Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Evans, Robert Director ADMIN / IT
Evans, Robert Managing Director ADMIN / TRC
Evans, William H. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Exter, Marisa Faculty EDCI / LDT
Ferris, Donald R. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Fiock, Holly Instructional Designer EDCI / LDT
Fisher, Nikki Secretary IV ACAD / DEPT_ACAD_TE
Fox, Wanda Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Frederick, Franz Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Freeland, James Clinical Assistant Professor EDST / ELPS
Frisbie, Richard Director of Strategic Assessment ADMIN / OSA
Gaesser, Amy Faculty EDST / SCHLCOUNSEL
Gappa, Judith Emeritus Faculty EDST
Garfinkel, Alan Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Gentry, Marcia Director EDST / GERI
Gentry, Marcia Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
Gentry, Marcia Faculty EDST / GIFTED
George-Friedman, Karen Grant Support Specialist ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Goodwin-Bowman, Amanda Graduate Studies Coordinator ACAD / GRADOFFICE
Greenan, James P. Faculty EDCI / EWAC
Grimmet, Kharon Clinical Assistant Professor EDST / SPEC_ED
Gundel, Brittany Director EDST / PCGC
Gundel, Brittany Clinical Faculty EDST / COUNSELPSYC
Gunstra, Diane Continuing Lecturer EDCI / DEPT_EDCI
Guzey, Siddika Selcen Faculty EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Haines, Gina Head Secretary EDCI / DEPT_EDCI
Haring, Marilyn Emeritus Faculty EDST
Hash, Brenda Clerk III, Technology Resources Center ADMIN / TRC
Hearn, Karen Admission/Retention Clerk ACAD / OPPL
Hill, John Faculty EDST / ELPS
Hirth, Marilyn Faculty EDST / ELPS
Hoffman, Kerry Director of CLEAR EDCI / CLEAR
Holladay, Louanne Clerk III, Technology Resources Center ADMIN / TRC
Holtsclaw, Angela Clinical Instructor EDST / SPEC_ED
Hopkins, Carol Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Jeffries, Jennifer Senior Director of Strategic Communication and Programs ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Johnson, Alice Clinical Assistant Professor EDST / ELPS
Johnson, Carla Faculty EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Johnson, Carla Provost Fellow for P-12 STEM and Professor of Science Education Executive Director, Indiana GEAR UP EDCI / GEARUP
Johnson, Carolyn Academic Advisor ACAD / ADVISING
Johnson, Chrystal Faculty EDCI / SOC_STUD
Johnson, Ron Emeritus Faculty EDST
Johnson, Tara Star Faculty EDCI / LIT_LANG
Johnson, Tara Star Faculty EDCI / ENGLISH_ED
Jolly, Marshay Assistant Director of Financial Affairs ADMIN / BUSINESS
Kastberg, Signe Faculty EDCI / MATHED
Kastberg, Signe Faculty Researcher EDCI / GEARUP
Kelley, Todd Faculty EDCI / TECHED
Kenney, Rachael Faculty EDCI / MATHED
Kerkhoff, Shea Visiting Faculty EDCI / LIT_LANG
Kerkhoff, Shea Visiting Faculty EDCI / ENGLISH_ED
Kersey, Betsy TaskStream E-Portfolio Coordinator ADMIN / IT
Killian, Nancy Secretary IV ACAD / OPPL
Kim, Minchi Faculty EDCI / LDT
King, Christina Sr. Academic Advisor ACAD / ADVISING
Kirkham, Lisa Project Coordinator ADMIN / ELRC
Knobloch, Neil A. Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Knoeller, Christian Faculty EDCI / LIT_LANG
Knoeller, Christian Faculty EDCI / ENGLISH_ED
Koehler, Adrie Visiting Faculty EDCI / LDT
Krockover, Gerald H. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Kuhn, Melanie Faculty EDCI / LIT_LANG
Lawler, Robert W. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Lefler, R. W. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Lehman, James D. Faculty EDCI / LDT
Lehman, James D. Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Levesque-Bristol, Chantal Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
Lewandowski, Judy Faculty EDCI / LDT
Lewis, Dwight E. Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Li, Weiling Assessment Specialist ADMIN / ELRC
Livingston, Michele Academic Services Receptionist ACAD / DEPT_ACAD_TE
Lloyd, Lyle Emeritus Faculty EDST
Lowell, Victoria L. Faculty EDCI / LDT
Lundmark, Matthew Site Specialist ADMIN / IT
Luzadder, Ashley Receptionist ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Lysaker, Judith Faculty EDCI / LIT_LANG
Maeda, Yukiko Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
Mantzicopoulos-James, P. Youli Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
Marin Bonwell , Cynthia Academic Services Office Coordinator ACAD / DEPT_ACAD_TE
May, Jill Emeritus Faculty EDCI
McClure, James E. Courtesy Appointment EDCI
McDavid, Lindley Postdoctoral Researcher ADMIN / ELRC
McInerney, William D. Emeritus Faculty EDST
McNeely, Nancy Facilities Support Coordinator for BRNG Hall ADMIN / BRNG
Menekse, Muhsin Faculty EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Menekse, Muhsin Faculty EDCI / ENGINEER_ED
Mentzer, Nathan Faculty EDCI / TECHED
Mills, Gail Secretary EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Mishler, Emily Clerk IV ACAD / ADVISING
Moon, Sidney M. Emeritus Faculty EDST
Moore, Tamara Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Morita-Mullaney, Patricia Faculty EDCI / LIT_LANG
Murphy-Kline, Anne Assistant Director EDCI / ACKERMAN
Nakhleh, Mary B. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Navarre, Jeannie Administrative Assistant to the Department Head EDST / DEPT_EDST
Neidlinger, Rita Assistant to the Dean ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Nelson, Richard C. Emeritus Faculty EDST
Newby, Timothy Faculty EDCI / LDT
Newton, Jill A. Faculty EDCI / MATHED
Newton, Kathryne Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Nordland, F. H. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Notestine, Earl Emeritus Faculty EDST
Nowakowski, Bonnie Secretary EDCI / LIT_LANG
Nowakowski, Bonnie Secretary EDCI / ENGLISH_ED
Oakes, Teresa J. Assistant Dean for Teacher Education ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Oakes, Teresa J. Director ACAD / OPPL
Oakes, William Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Obenchain, Kathryn Faculty EDCI / SOC_STUD
Obenchain, Kathryn Director of Study Abroad ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Olenchak, F. Richard Department Head EDST / DEPT_EDST
Olenchak, F. Richard Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
Patrick, Helen Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
Pelaez, Nancy Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Pereira, Nielsen Faculty EDST / GERI
Pereira, Nielsen Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
Pereira, Nielsen Faculty EDST / GIFTED
Peters, Jerry Faculty EDCI / YDAE
Peterson, Jean Sunde Emeritus Faculty EDST
Phillion, JoAnn Faculty EDCI / CURR_STUD
Pilat, Mary Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Pistole, M. Carole Emeritus Faculty EDST
Postlethwait, Samuel N. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Purzer, Senay Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Rapoport, Anatoli Faculty EDCI / SOC_STUD
Rebello, Sanjay Faculty EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Reed, Dorothy Assistant Dean for Engagement ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Reed, Dorothy Director ACAD / OFE
Reppert, Kathy Sec. to Dir. EDCI / ACKERMAN
Reppert, Kathy Secretary for Dr. Greenan EDCI / EWAC
Reppert, Kathy Secretary EDCI / SOC_STUD
Richardson, Jennifer Faculty EDCI / LDT
Rispoli, Mandy Faculty EDST / SPEC_ED
Rodriguez, Alberto J. Faculty EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Roegman, Rachel Faculty EDST / ELPS
Rogat, Aaron Post-Doctoral Research Associate EDST / EDPSYC
Rogat, Toni Kempler Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
Rood, Garrett Web Developer ADMIN / COMM
Ross, Stephanie Teacher Education Recruiter ACAD / ADVISING
Roychoudhury, Anita Faculty EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Russell, James D. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Ryu, Minjung Faculty EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Sabol, Frank Robert Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Sabol, Frank Robert Faculty EDCI / ART_ED
Salen, George P. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Samarapungavan, Ala Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
Santos, Maryann Faculty EDCI / CURR_STUD
Santos, Maryann Dean ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Sass, Margaret Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Sawyers, B.A. Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Schmitt, Maribeth Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Schultz, Erin M. Academic Advisor ACAD / ADVISING
Sears, David A. Clinical Assistant Professor EDST / EDPSYC
Segrist, Allen E. Emeritus Faculty EDST
Servaty-Seib, Heather Faculty EDST / COUNSELPSYC
Seward, Kristen K Associate Director EDST / GERI
Seward, Kristen K Clinical Assistant Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
Seward, Kristen K Clinical Assistant Faculty EDST / GIFTED
Shepardson, Daniel P. Faculty EDCI / SCIENCE_ED
Shoffner, Melanie Faculty EDCI / LIT_LANG
Shoffner, Melanie Faculty EDCI / ENGLISH_ED
Sigg, Leslie Secretary EDST / EDPSYC
Sigg, Leslie Secretary EDST / ELPS
Slauter, Rachel Development Associate, Administration and Special Events ADMIN / ADVANCEMENT
Staver, John Emeritus Faculty EDCI
Strudeman, Emily Assistant to the Associate Deans ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Talbert, Allen Faculty EDCI / YDAE
Templin, Thomas Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Towns, Marcy Courtesy Appointment EDCI
Traynor, Anne Faculty EDST / EDPSYC
VanFossen, Phillip Director EDCI / ACKERMAN
VanFossen, Phillip Faculty EDCI / SOC_STUD
VanFossen, Phillip Interim Associate Dean for Learning ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Walker, William S Associate Director, Indiana GEAR UP
Research Assistant Professor
Walton, Janet Visiting Assistant Professor ADMIN / DEANSAREA
Wang, Hui Hui Faculty EDCI / YDAE
Warner, Laura Administrative Assistant ADMIN / ELRC
Watson, Sunnie L. Faculty EDCI / LDT
Watson, William Faculty EDCI / LDT
Weller, Jessica Continuing Lecturer EDCI / STEMGR
Wendt, Oliver Faculty EDST / SPEC_ED
Werhan, Carol Faculty EDCI / EWAC
Wessel Powell, Christy Visiting Faculty EDCI / LIT_LANG
Whitford, Denise K. Faculty EDST / SPEC_ED
Wiercioch, Ed Coord. Early Field Exp. ACAD / OFE
Willing, Kirke Director of Financial Affairs ADMIN / BUSINESS
Wilson, Lora Curriculum Coordinator EDCI / LDT
Wilson, Nicole Director of Diversity Initiatives ACAD / ODI
Wilson, Rhonda Secretary EDCI / LDT
Wright, Phal Clerk III, Technology Resources Center ADMIN / TRC
Wright, Wayne Faculty EDCI / LIT_LANG
Xin, Yan Ping Faculty EDST / SPEC_ED
Zentall, Sydney Emeritus Faculty EDST
Zywicki, Stephanie Faculty EDCI / CURR_STUD

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