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College of Education People

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
Conrad, Amy    Student Services Specialist   
LaRose, Sarah    Faculty   
Talbert, Allen    Faculty   
Wang, Hui Hui    Faculty   
Art Education
Sabol, Frank Robert    Faculty   
Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning in STEM
Bryan, Lynn    Director of CATALYST   
Suazo-Flores , Elizabeth    Research Associate   
Walker, Bill    Assistant Director of CATALYST   
Curriculum Studies
Bennett, Kristy    Secretary   
Burdick, Jake    Faculty   
Dolby, Nadine    Faculty   
Phillion, JoAnn    Faculty   
Zywicki, Stephanie    Faculty   
Departmental Administrative Staff
Alsup, Janet    Department Head   
Bennett, Kristy    Receptionist   
Deardorff, Kimberly    Head Secretary   
Haines, Gina    Assistant to the Dept. Head   
Miles, Jared    C&I Online Program Specialist   
EDCI Courtesy Appointments
Berns, Margie S.    Courtesy Appointment   
Bodner, George    Courtesy Appointment   
Cayari, Christopher    Courtesy Appointment   
Dark, Melissa    Courtesy Appointment   
Diefes-Dux , Heidi    Courtesy Appointment   
Duval-Couetil, Nathalie    Courtesy Appointment   
Dyrenfurth, Michael    Courtesy Appointment   
Knobloch, Neil A.    Courtesy Appointment   
Lewis, Dwight E.    Courtesy Appointment   
McClure, James E.    Courtesy Appointment   
Moore, Tamara    Courtesy Appointment   
Newton, Kathryne    Courtesy Appointment   
Oakes, William    Courtesy Appointment   
Pelaez, Nancy    Courtesy Appointment   
Pilat, Mary    Courtesy Appointment   
Purzer, Senay    Courtesy Appointment   
Sabol, Frank Robert    Courtesy Appointment   
Shu-Mei Sass, Margaret    Courtesy Appointment   
Templin, Thomas    Courtesy Appointment   
Towns, Marcy    Courtesy Appointment   
Ware, Jason    Courtesy Appointment   
Education for Work and Community
Greenan, James P.    Faculty   
Elementary Education Student Teaching
Gunstra, Diane    Program Coordinator   
Loepker, Rogene    Secretary   
Murphy-Kline, Anne    Co-teaching Coordinator   
Emeritus Faculty
Barth, James L.    Emeritus Faculty   
Cox, Beverly    Emeritus Faculty   
Crowder, William W.    Emeritus Faculty   
Ertmer, Peg    Emeritus Faculty   
Ferris, Donald R.    Emeritus Faculty   
Fox, Wanda    Emeritus Faculty   
Frederick, Franz    Emeritus Faculty   
Garfinkel, Alan    Emeritus Faculty   
Hopkins, Carol    Emeritus Faculty   
Krockover, Gerald H.    Emeritus Faculty   
Lawler, Robert W.    Emeritus Faculty   
Lehman, James D.    Emeritus Faculty   
May, Jill    Emeritus Faculty   
Nakhleh, Mary B.    Emeritus Faculty   
Nordland, F. H.    Emeritus Faculty   
Peters, Jerry    Emeritus Faculty   
Postlethwait, Samuel N.    Emeritus Faculty   
Roychoudhury, Anita    Emeritus Faculty   
Russell, James D.    Emeritus Faculty   
Salen, George P.    Emeritus Faculty   
Santos, Maryann    Emeritus Faculty   
Sawyers, B.A.    Emeritus Faculty   
Schmitt, Maribeth    Emeritus Faculty   
Staver, John    Emeritus Faculty   
Engineering / Technology Education
Asunda, Paul    Faculty   
Kelley, Todd    Faculty   
Mentzer, Nathan    Faculty   
English Education
Johnson, Tara Star    Faculty   
Knoeller, Christian    Faculty   
Nowakowski, Bonnie    Secretary   
Family and Consumer Sciences Education
Werhan, Carol    Faculty   
Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs
Bailey, Pamela    Temporary Regional Director   
Bolshakova, Virginia    Executive Director, Indiana GEAR UP   
Cinowski, Tabitha    Assistant Director, Indiana GEAR UP   
Faith, Joshua    GEAR UP Regional Director   
Harger, Carli    Administrative Assistant   
Heinold, Steven    GEAR UP Regional Director   
Kaluf, Kevin    GEAR UP Associate Director   
Kastberg, Signe    Faculty Researcher   
Kitchin, Stacy    GEAR UP Regional Director   
Newsom, Sarah    Temporary Regional Director   
Reed, William    GEAR UP Regional Director   
Trusedell, Jean    GEAR UP Regional Director   
Zientek, Gretchen    GEAR UP Regional Director   
James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship
Murphy-Kline, Anne    Assistant Director   
Pluhar, Jennifer    Secretary to the Director   
VanFossen, Phillip    Director   
Learning Design and Technology
Exter, Marisa    Faculty   
Fiock, Holly    Instructional Designer   
Huang, Wanju    Clinical Assistant Professor   
Koehler-Blair, Adrie    Faculty   
Lowell, Victoria L.    Faculty   
Newby, Timothy    Faculty   
Richardson, Jennifer    Faculty   
Watson, Sunnie L.    Faculty   
Watson, William    Faculty   
Wilson, Lora    Curriculum Coordinator   
Wilson, Rhonda    Secretary   
Literacy & Language
Abramova, Inna    Continuing Lecturer   
Alsup, Janet    Faculty   
Boes, Nancy    Continuing Lecturer   
Britsch, Susan J.    Faculty   
Chan, Virak    Clinical Assistant Professor   
Garcia, Anne    Project Manager   
Johnson, Tara Star    Faculty   
King, Susan    Spanish/English Bilingual Data Analyst   
Knoeller, Christian    Faculty   
Kuhn, Melanie    Faculty   
Lysaker, Judith    Faculty   
Morita-Mullaney, Patricia    Faculty   
Nowakowski, Bonnie    Secretary   
Renn, Jennifer E.    Senior Project Manager   
Wessel-Powell, Christy    Faculty   
Wright, Wayne    Faculty   
Mathematics Education
Bennett, Kristy    Secretary   
Bofferding, Laura    Faculty   
Kastberg, Signe    Faculty   
Kenney, Rachael    Faculty   
Newton, Jill A.    Faculty   
Science Education
Ballotti, Dean    Continuing Lecturer   
Bryan, Lynn    Faculty   
Capobianco, Brenda    Faculty   
Eichinger, David C.    Faculty   
Guzey, Siddika Selcen    Faculty   
Loepker, Rogene    Secretary   
Menekse, Muhsin    Faculty   
Rebello, Sanjay    Faculty   
Rodriguez, Alberto J.    Faculty   
Shepardson, Daniel P.    Faculty   
Social Studies
Johnson, Chrystal    Faculty   
Obenchain, Kathryn    Faculty   
Pluhar, Jennifer    Secretary   
Rapoport, Anatoli    Faculty   
VanFossen, Phillip    Faculty   
Visiting Scholars
Bandi-Rao, Shoba    Visiting Scholar   
Li, Yan    Visiting Scholar in LDT   
Oh, Sangchul    Visiting Scholar in LDT   
Perez Benitez, Wilman    Visiting Scholar