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College of Education People

Department of Educational Studies

Counseling Psychology
Çiftçi, Ayşe    Faculty   
Allan, Blake    Faculty   
Banes, Julie    Secretary   
Bartholomew, Theodore    Faculty   
Case, Amanda    Faculty   
Deemer, Eric D.    Faculty   
Gundel, Brittany    Clinical Faculty   
Servaty-Seib, Heather    Faculty   
Departmental Administrative Staff
Carducci, Melody    Online Specialist   
Cox, Carol    Department Head Secretary   
Navarre, Jeannie    Administrative Assistant to the Department Head   
Olenchak, F. Richard    Department Head   
EDST Courtesy Appointments
Brzezinski, Michael A.    Courtesy Appointment    
Dolby, Nadine    Courtesy Appointment   
Jagacinski, Carolyn    Courtesy Appointment   
Prieto-Welch, Susan    Courtesy Appointment   
Ramani, Karthik    Courtesy Appointment   
Reed, Dorothy    Courtesy Appointment   
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Freeland, James    Clinical Faculty   
Hill, John    Faculty   
Hirth, Marilyn    Faculty   
Johnson, Alice    Clinical Faculty   
Kiracofe, Christine    Faculty   
Sigg, Leslie    Secretary   
Snodgrass, Lisa    Faculty   
Educational Psychology & Research Methodology
Chang, Hua-Hua    Faculty   
Downing, Brenda    Lecturer   
Froiland, John M.    Clinical Faculty   
Gentry, Marcia    Faculty   
Levesque-Bristol, Chantal    Faculty   
Maeda, Yukiko    Faculty   
Mantzicopoulos-James, P. Youli    Faculty   
Olenchak, F. Richard    Faculty   
Patrick, Helen    Faculty   
Pereira, Nielsen    Faculty   
Rogat, Toni Kempler    Faculty   
Samarapungavan, Ala    Faculty   
Sears, David A.    Clinical Faculty   
Seward, Kristen K    Clinical Faculty   
Sigg, Leslie    Secretary   
Traynor, Anne    Faculty   
Emeritus Faculty
Asher, William    Emeritus Faculty   
Auter, James    Emeritus Faculty   
Gappa, Judith    Emeritus Faculty   
Haring, Marilyn    Emeritus Faculty   
Lloyd, Lyle    Emeritus Faculty   
McInerney, William D.    Emeritus Faculty   
Moon, Sidney M.    Emeritus Faculty   
Nelson, Richard C.    Emeritus Faculty   
Notestine, Earl    Emeritus Faculty   
Peterson, Jean Sunde    Emeritus Faculty   
Pistole, M. Carole    Emeritus Faculty   
Zentall, Sydney    Emeritus Faculty   
Gifted Education Resource Institute
Gentry, Marcia    Director   
Pereira, Nielsen    Faculty   
Seward, Kristen K    Associate Director   
Gifted, Creative, and Talented Studies
Gentry, Marcia    Faculty   
Pereira, Nielsen    Faculty   
Seward, Kristen K    Clinical Faculty   
Purdue Counseling & Guidance Center
Banes, Julie    Secretary   
Gundel, Brittany    Director   
School Counseling
Banes, Julie    Secretary   
Special Education
Begeske, Jasmine    Clinical Instructor   
Grimmet, Kharon    Clinical Faculty   
Holtsclaw, Angela    Clinical Instructor   
Martella, Ronald    Faculty   
Mason, Benjamin    Faculty   
Mason, Rose    Faculty   
Rispoli, Mandy    Faculty   
Whitford, Denise K.    Faculty   
Xin, Yan Ping    Faculty   
Visiting Scholars
Joo, So Young    Visiting Scholar